Season 2 Episode 17: How to Handle Online Marketing As An Extrovert vs Introvert

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Online marketing can be difficult as an introvert but it isn't impossible. You get to do what you want in your business and staying true to your energy source is important.

You don't have to be an extrovert to put out video and marketing content.

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Introverts do not have to go to big events.

Events are relationship building, but you can go to smaller networking events and have the same types of results. 


Mix best practices with who you are.

You can take the best practices and learn from them, but you don't have to do those things that aren't aligned with who you are.


Repurpose content

Pre-record videos and then repurpose content for different social media. 


Well-Syndicated Content

Most entrepreneurs have a visibility problem. 


Screen-share videos & Audio

If you aren't comfortable on video, you can create videos without your face.


Create evergreen content

Reuse the content that you create and continue to share it. Don't reinvent the wheel.


Keep moving forward every day in faith. 

Just keep talking and keep trying. It takes time. Don't quit. 

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