S2 E16: How to Use Imagery in Your Marketing

Imagery and good creative assets are essential for marketing. You don't have to invest a ton of money into your imagery, but you do need to have a careful strategy. You can influence 65% of the population with good visuals because they are visual learners.

Digital marketers don't often talk about packaging and visuals

Physical products focus on packaging, but your digital packaging is just as important.

People will remember your face.

Use the same picture on your business cards and within your emails. Have your picture next to your name because it helps with brand recognition.

Traci's business card.

Marketing platforms are visual nowadays.

Think about Pinterest, Instagram, and all of the algorithms that focus on imagery. People love visual storytelling. They remember the images so much more than they remember the words.

Invest in good graphic designs.

Your digital products need to look tangible, that's why creating mockups for your e-books. CoverProducts Pro is a great program. If people can't visualize your product as a physical product, they're not going to buy it.

Don't drop the ball on the visuals.

The visuals get people to recognize your brand and your product. Congruent images give them something tangible to grasp.

Have a brand board.

The little things that you can track for your team are important. It can cost a lot to do good branding for your business.

Retarget with different visuals.

Swap out your visuals and creatives on a regular basis, even with the same text. This keeps the consumer feeling like your content is fresh.

Visuals include your videos.

You need to stop the scroll and capture their attention.

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