FB ads can be totally overwhelming. Today we dive into a beginner's guide to FB ads for all of our business owners just reaching into FB ads.


Get into a zen mindset.

Be ready to stay calm for the first 90 to 180 days. You have to resist making decisions on things that have just happened. Let the Facebook Algorithm work for you.


Put marketing at the very top. 

If growth is a priority, you want to spend a certain amount and be mindful.  

If you're brand new, you're better off looking at content marketing over FB ads.


Don't compare and don't copy. 

Every business is different and has a different focus. People relate differently. 


Run FB Ads as a visibility project

Visibility is super important. You want to keep people engaged.


Always work backwards. 

See what the goal is. Then see what your budget is to get people into it.


Get the FB Pixel on all of your sites. 

Test your ads.  You can skip your opt-in and go straight to your low-ticket offer. 


When outsourcing

You will get what you pay for. You need to know enough about what you're doing to oversee what they're doing.


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