370: Email Marketing & Mistakes You Want To Avoid

Email Marketing Don'ts

Is email marketing part of your overall digital marketing strategy? Are you utilizing it the best way possible? In this episode, the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour girls Dawn and Traci point out some very common mistakes marketers make with email marketing and give a few tips on how to avoid them. If you haven't given email marketing a chance, or if you've been at it for some time without getting the results you hoped for, you'll want to pay full attention to this episode.

Of all the different marketing strategies you can use for your business, email marketing is far and away the most profitable. For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is around $44! We feel the need to talk about this because many don't realize how much money can be generated if they only had this in place. Because seriously, what's the point in investing money on traffic when there's no good plan on the back end? Yes, you could say that the money is in the list, but if you don't have a plan to actually get that value in front of them and show them what you can help them with, then there's no money in that list for you. You need to have a solid email marketing strategy.

The following are the most common mistakes marketers make when it comes to email marketing:


  1. Failing to follow up with new subscribers.

You shouldn't let people wait for your follow up email. It has to be there right away or else people will get distracted by other things and end up forgetting about you. You want to be emailing people when they are still thinking of you, your service, your offer, or whatever you brought to the table for them. Imagine the revenue you'd be losing if you didn't have a follow-up series in place? That's why an autoresponder service is a necessity.


  1. Sending the same exact email to every single person on your list.

For the first email, or any kind of introduction series of emails, we think everybody should get those. But from that point on, the emails should be more individualized and catered to each person. You shouldn't be sending the same emails to everyone on your list because everybody will be on a different stage in their buyer's journey with you. If you do it wrong (like sending the wrong emails at the right time, the right emails at the wrong time, or worse, the wrong emails at the wrong time), they might lose interest or think that what you're potentially offering is not for them.

What we're talking about here is Segmentation. There are different ways you can segment your lists – based on blog posts that they visit on your site or links they click in emails. Even some of the cheaper autoresponders on the market like GetResponse are starting to have full-on automation. GetResponse has a new platform that uses tagging. You can check this out at https://happyhourhangouts.com/getresponse.

Tip: If you have no idea about segmentation or haven't wrapped your head around this concept, we urge you to have a 45-day sending period in place, with at least 1 email a week for 6 weeks. Otherwise, you are wasting your time with list building because you are not monetizing the list the way you should be.


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