Periscope TemplateTwitter Traffic Strategies: Getting More Traffic To Your Blog

At the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour, we love Twitter marketing and this Twitter Tutorial, recorded live by our own Traci Reuter, will walk you through how having a blog with great content that you can share over and over on Twitter will dramatically increase your social media traffic, and it will also increase your leads and sales.

5 Steps To More Traffic, Leads & Sales From Twitter Traffic Strategy

The Twitter traffic strategy is simple.

  1.  Create great content that your ideal prospect would love to consume.  Solve a problem, teach them something, educate, train, entertain.  The idea is to give great value for free.
  2. Use tracking pixels, from either Facebook, Twitter or Google, to create an “invisible list” of prospects who have visited your great content.  Tracking pixels are extremely easy to set up and you can put them on your blog, as well as on your leadpages and sales pages that you own or create.
  3. Use Twitter as a distribution network for your content.  We recommend creating multiple Tweets for each blog post that you create.  If the content that you create is evergreen, meaning it will be meaningful the day you write it as well as months and years later, you can reuse and recycle that content on a regular basis on Twitter.
  4. As people consume your content, you'll be growing your “invisible list” of prospects that you can then re-market to with your offer, webinar, sales promotion, etc.
  5. Re-market to your invisible list.

The Key To It All: Twitter Traffic

The main thing to keep in mind when employing this strategy to get more Twitter traffic to your blog or website is step number three.  You want to be sure that you are recycling this content on a regular basis on Twitter.  If the content is really critical to your sales funnel, then we suggest writing 5-10 different Tweets to promote that piece on content on Twitter.

Once you have your Tweet variations, you can then use automation tools like our favorite, SocialOomph, to set a schedule for regular “Tweeting” of those promotional Tweets.

Traci has written a blog post that lays out our entire strategy for free traffic from Twitter and you can read it here.

If you are ready to take your Twitter marketing to the next level, check out our Twitter Traffic Workshop and watch over Traci's shoulder as she walks you step by step through the exact system she uses that has made Twitter the #1 source of free, consistent traffic for Happy Hour Marketing