Season 2 Episode 10 – How to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

sales cycle
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Understanding the length of your sales cycle impacts every aspect of your marketing strategy, including organic social media and SEO.

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Know The Length of Your Sales Cycle

This is start to finish – from your initial contact through the sales. There are a lot of programs that could track the data.


Know When Your Investment Will Come Back

Knowing your numbers is important. If you're bootstrapping and you have a long sales cycle and you're strapped for cash, you need to have some smaller offer to get you cash positive faster.


Have a Tripwire to Fund Your Ad Budget

Your tripwire doesn't have to be super cheap, like $7. If you have a super high priced signature program, your tripwire can be $300 which can be so helpful to keep your ad budget going. Tripwires have seemed to go away, but they are SO important. We need to bring it back.


Engagement Ads Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle

You need to stay in front of your prospects often – with enough touch points that they get to know you. Engagement ads can shorten your sales cycle, even by 30 days making a big difference.


Nurture Emails or a Ridiculous Sales Cycle?

Ask yourself if you are nurturing or if you are just giving away great content for free. There can be an ask in each email — instead of drawing out your email series.


Be Careful With Engagement Bait on FB Ads

Phrase it like you're having a real conversation.


Create Real Life Scarcity, not Fake Scarcity

If you're creating scarcity, make sure it actually times out after the countdown/timer is up.


We're Sticking Around

We might not be releasing an episode every week, but we will be continuing to release episodes for the foreseeable future.

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