Starting with the onboarding process, you need to instill the confidence in your clients with excellent customer experiences so that they are evangelical about you.

The 3-ways to generate revenue

1. New clients. 2. Sell more things to existing clients 3. More repeat business.

Relieve anxiety and stress by focusing on 2 & 3

Don't spend all of your time running after new clients, improve the customer experience for existing clients.

Communicating with a client is an opportunity

You need to use that time to resell them or reconfirm why they're choosing you. Be indespensible to your clients.

Take amazing care of your clients

You can't scale if the backend customer service cannot back it up. You could be good at selling and marketing, but if you don't back it up, it's all going to fall flat.

Automate your onboarding process

When it goes smoothly, they're impressed. If they come in weirdly, you look bad or weird because they don't come in as smoothly. When that happens, you can schedule an extra call.

The value of getting in front of your clients

When things go out of site, touchpoints are important so that they don't think they've been forgotten. You're reupping that relationship.

If you spend as much of your energy on keeping clients instead of getting new ones, it would look different.

Never let the debt go too deep

Not just financial debt, but the debt that you owe clients. Even if someone isn't complaining, they're going to notice.

Your existing clients are the bedrock of your customer base. Make sure you have all of the processes in place.

Make sure you come back next week, we're starting a series on Customer Experiences.

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