Don't put money into paid traffic until you have a solid business that is ready to scale up. You don't want to burn cash if you're not ready for scaling up.

Auto Webinars

A good converting evergreen webinar opens up so much opportunity for scaling up. Think about how much is your time worth. Evergreen webinars are going to bring in the sales you need without eating up all of your time.


Retargeting and Follow Up

You can automate all of this! You can let the audience build themselves with the algorithm and pixel. Once these things are live, you don't have to show up all of the time. 


Slowly Increase Your Ad Spend

Facebook is changing to Campaign Budget Optimization which will make scaling up so much easier. 


Scale Horizontally

Add in new audiences and new targeting. Look at how you can optimize all of the targeting, not just one campaign.


Hiring Out

Trying to be a jack of all trades and do everything in your business is not efficient. Hiring out to people who are experts in their area is an important part of scaling up.


Write Out Your Processes

Find out what you are doing each day that is low value for you. Videotape or screenshare yourself so that when you hire someone they know your processes.

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