S3E001: Marketing Love Never Dies

S3E001 Marketing Love Never Dies blog cover

The Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast Returns!

Tracy Reuter and Dawn Marrs – aka Mama T and Mama D – are back for season three of the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Podcast after a hiatus of four and a half years.

They catch up on their friendship, which remains strong despite the years and distance, and share laughs over their technical struggles in setting up for the first video podcast.

They discuss how their passion for marketing and their listeners have endured the test of time, promising an exciting season ahead filled with marketing insights, their own experiences, and possibly guest interviews.

They also share personal stories, including Dawn's RV lifestyle and Tracy's move to Florida, reflecting on how their lives have evolved but their core interests and values have remained the same.

The episode sets the tone for the season, with anticipation for great content on marketing trends, strategies, and the adventures of Tracy and Dawn.

00:00 Welcome Back to Social Media Marketing Happy Hour!
00:51 The Journey of Reconnecting and Embracing Video
02:28 Reflecting on Changes and Growth Over the Years
04:51 Dawn's Life Updates: Motherhood and RV Adventures
11:28 Tracy's New Chapter: Moving to Florida and Scaling an Agency
14:10 Navigating Life Changes and Florida Adventures
14:39 The Alligator Encounter: A Florida Tale
14:58 Dreaming of Reverse Snowbirding
15:10 Florida's Unpredictable Weather and Conference Preparations
15:59 The Journey Back to Podcasting
16:36 The Magic of Collaboration and Podcasting Insights
19:06 Specializing in Marketing: The Power of Focus
21:56 Season Expectations and Listener Engagement
28:46 Closing Remarks and Future Plans

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