Meerkat VS Periscope: Who Will Win?

Meerkat vs Periscope

Live streaming apps are taking the social media world by storm, and there is an intense debate right now over who is going to win the live streaming battle…

Will it be first-to-market app Meerkat? Or Twitter-owned Periscope?

This infographic gives you a rundown of the timeline of events, users, reviews, features and more…

The Battle of the Live Streaming Apps: Meerkat VS Periscope

So, who do you think will win in the Meerkat vs Periscope battle? Let us know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Meerkat VS Periscope: Who Will Win?”

  1. I see Periscope winning because of the relationship with Twitter. Though I do believe Meerkat will also survive at least for a while. Periscope is reviving Twitter. The cameo function within Meerkat is cool as well. However, I think the Twitter connection trumps all.

  2. I don’t necessarily believe that it is Meerkat vs. Periscope situation. I think the live streaming social media platform is so new, you are seeing both platforms developing their own niches. Meerkat is for your average-joe, everyday person who wants to interact with a community. Periscope, more of a professional feel, with companies and celebrities taking hold. Sure both apps dabble between both descriptions, but I think at this point, there is more room for both to grow!

  3. As with all new “toys,” we all jump on them to try them out and see if they will work for us here in the social media world. Periscope was quickly grasped and put to the test because of factors such as ease-of-use and the buzz which was created because of this factor.

    Add in that it is owned by Twitter, and you have a solid product. Also, with so many marketers pushing this app, from Kim Garst to the SMM Happy Hour crew, there must be something great about it, right?

    I have never used Meerkat because of the functionality and popularity of this app. I also believe that with such a strong third-party support system, such as training “scopes and challenges made on the SMM FB Group page, people will learn how to live stream video on Periscope, and not want to move to Meerkat.

    I think timing has everything to do with it as well. Periscope came onto the market at a time where social media management training and those interested in elevating their social media skills are escalating. With trainers, videos, podcasts and blogs talking about Periscope, there is simply only one thing to use if you’re going into the live streaming business – and that’s Periscope.

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