Having systems, procedures and automations for management and marketing are essential for your business to continue when life happens.


Keep Your Ducks in a Row for When Life Happens

If you're in a good place, start developing your systems and have your procedures in place in case someone else has to pick up dropped balls.


Keep a marketing machine running in the background.

Your revenue can complete dry up if you don't have marketing running constantly. When you automate your marketing, you're going to continue to get clients.


Have a strong team and hiring process.

Keep daily operating procedures and steps so that anyone can step in and do it. Not only could your life derailing upset your business, but you need to have back ups set up for your team members.


As business owners we get to architect our business.

Stop thinking this is happening to me and focus on it happening for me. That way you can figure out how to be better because of it.


Document everything that you do.

Document your daily processes, whether you take notes or you record loom videos. 


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