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Hi there, we're Dawn & Traci, co-hosts of the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour podcast. If you're here we're guessing you're highly motivated to reach the next level of success in your business.
The Problem No One is Talking About...
Being an entrepreneur is awesome, but there's a problem nobody is talking about... Entrepreneurial isolation. If you've been running your busiess for any amount of time, we don't have to tell you how lonely it can be. Long days and sometimes longer nights spent working on your passion only to be met with technical challenges and frustrations you've never experienced and couldn't avoid.

Even worse, the people around you don't understand what you do or why you work so hard doing it. Often it's the people closest to us who "get it" the least. That's where the Inner Circle Mastermind comes in... 
You've probably heard the expression "Your network equals your net worth." When you choose to surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs with similar goals and drive, you are immersing yourself in a culture of persistence, positivity and success. There is no faster way to succeed than to give yourself the gift of a community who understands your entrepreneurial goals and links arms with you to succeed. The relationships you'll gain inside this group of entrepreneurs is priceless... but if you're looking for a dollar value, here it is ;)  $1000 VALUE


Napoleon Hill said it best: "You CAN NOT achieve you major definite purpose in life without using the power of the MasterMind." Live Mastermind Sessions are held regularly each month, where you get in-depth marketing training, get your questions answered and share your wins (you'll be having lots!) As a member you can ask the community for marketing help, feedback on ideas and even look for new partnerships! With the help of the Inner Circle Mastermind Sessions you'll never feel stuck or alone again.  $1000 VALUE
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$1500 VALUE 


For the first time in Happy Hour history, we are offering a FREE 1-on-1 coaching session for the next 10 Inner Circle members who join... $250 VALUE!
What You Get as a Member
The Inner Circle Mastermind is an exclusive community of entrepreneurs committed to mastering marketing to achieve their business goals. Here's what's included with your membership...
Private Community
Ask questions, get encouragement and share victories with our exclusive Facebook community
$1000 VALUE
"Marketing Vault" Access
Unlimited access to 15 of our best trainings
$1500 VALUE
Call Recordings
Recordings of live Mastermind Calls
$997 VALUE 
Live Mastermind Calls
Join us live for regularly scheduled Mastermind Sessions
$1000 VALUE
Happy Hour Archives
Access to all past episodes of the Social Media Marketing Happy Hour Hangout trainings. 
$497 VALUE
NEW! Personal Coaching
Build an intricate system of rules to put your business on autopilot.
$250 VALUE
TOTAL: $5244 Value
And you get it all for an investment of just $97/month
SO if you're ready to join a community of seriously awesome entrepreneurs, learn new marketing strategies, grow your business and reach new levels of personal success, click the button below and get started today. We look forward to personally masterminding with you to help set you on the path to success in your business!
We're so confident you're going to LOVE the Inner Circle Mastermind that we guarantee it. Join right now, and if you don't feel you've gotten 10x more value than you've paid, simply contact us within 30 days, and we'll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.
"I just want to say thank you Dawn & Traci. To think about a year ago I was ready to quit. Now I have grown a Facebook community of 1146 people, 1291 names on my list and last week I enrolled 3 new members in my program using completely online methods. Thank you for everything you do!"
- Tamira Hamilton, Beauty Blogger
"This has been my first year as an entrepreneur and last month I officially matched my income from when I was a teacher.Thanks Dawn & Traci for giving me the confidence and tools to brand myself and create automated systems that work!"
Cara Harvey, Health Coach
Have questions about whether the Inner Circle Mastermind is right for you? Here are a few questions you may be asking...
QUESTION: Am I the right person for this mastermind?

ANSWER: This is for entrepreneurs who are dead-serious about doing what it takes to achieve success in their business. Part of what makes a mastermind effective is the drive and determination of its members...

If you are a positive team-player who is determined to experience success, and you know in your heart that achieving your ultimate goals is only a matter of time...

If you're someone who understands the power of a mastermind, and wants to get connected with other like-minded, highly motivated entrepreneurs on a deeper level... And if you know that with the right training and support you can become the next breakthrough success story... this is for you.
QUESTION: What if I join and decide it's not the right fit 

ANSWER: We think you're going to fall in love the with the Inner Circle Mastermind community (most people do!) But in the event you feel like it's not the right fit just let us know in the first 30 days and we'll send your money back no questions asked. 

QUESTION: What if I need to cancel my membership? 

ANSWER: There are no obligations and you can cancel at any time. We ask that you please give us 5 days advance notice to cancel your upcoming payment to make sure we have time to take care of the request.