Season 2 Episode 8 – Getting Personal

getting personal
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Getting personal in your business is crucial. It starts with authenticity but goes beyond in how you connect with your audience.

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Human to Human Marketing

Before, people were looking for ways to get as much reach with as little interaction as possible, but it's not like that anymore.


Speaking Personally versus Corporately

Speaking to just one person and connecting on the personal level is much better than speaking to a whole group, as an email from corporate.


 Getting Personal in Ads

It is so important to have someone in charge of community management. Don't run ads if you don't have someone to respond to comments, etc.


Asking For Replies in Email Marketing

If you ask for people to reply to your marketing emails, you need to reply to those responses.


Automation Does Not Mean Impersonal

Just because it is automated, doesn't mean it is impersonal. Some people get a bad taste in their mouth with automation, but the focus should be automating things, not automating the personal touch.


Personal Touch for High Ticket Offers 

You can automate lower priced items all day long, but if it is a higher ticket you need to make sure you have sales calls or some sort of personal touch.


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