Season 2 Episode 13 – Are You Getting Advice From the Right People?

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It's challenging to know who to take business advice from, but with time and mistakes comes wisdom. Here are our best tips for weeding out the bad advice.


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Remember, everyone is human.

All of the experts out there are human. Nobody knows everything and everyone will make mistakes. There have been times where we have followed someone with the results we wanted it and we reverse-engineered their program and it flopped.


Mistakes propel you.

You don't gain wisdom by reading books. You get wisdom by living dirty and screwing things up. Don't be afraid to make mistakes.


There is no easy way out.

You need to be careful when talking to people, you're only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Remember their success comes from the time they've put in.


Make it yours.

Even if you are using templates, you have to customize or it won't work. You have to think, “How does this apply to me?” You weren't born to be a copy.


Join a Mastermind or get coached

If you take a course but you don't have a background in the course topic, you often miss a nuance. When you are in a mastermind or are in a coaching program, you have someone within the field to get their eyes on what you're working on.


Get information and then adapt to your own path.

Go out and learn the principles and the basics. Then find your own voice. Marketing is testing to see what works. You need to test what you learn and if it fails, try a different approach.

Be discerning of who you follow

Don't just listen to “gurus.” Follow people who have a good proven track record. It's so easy to find fake results and experiences. Be wise. 

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