If you have ever been frustrated about offers falling short, you need to tune in to this episode where we dive into copywriting.

Don't only include the features.

You can tell when someone is struggling with their ad copy because it is only about the features. If that's all you're doing, it's going to fall flat. That's what sends people to Amazon for the cheapest products.


Sales funnels need the benefit

You absolutely need to list out the features, but the benefits are equally important. This is where you find the value. 


Write a FAB Statement

Write a FAB – feature, advantage and benefit – for each feature of your product. This sells really well. 


Because of (feature), it will (advantage) which means to you (benefit).

Dawn's example for her lip balm: Because of the all-natural ingredients, it will be non-toxic, which means that when your pet eats it, they won't die. 

Tracie's example for her water bottle: Because of the tall skinny nature, it will fit in my drink holder which means I don't have to reach onto the floor to grab my waterbottle.


Advantage vs. Benefit

In this situation, the benefit is the ultimate benefit. It's the lifechanging part; the benefit behind the benefit.


Never run out of hook ideas

With this you can get deeper and never run out of hook ideas for your products. If you have a sales page that isn't converting, go through and look and put some FAB sentences in. 


Do a feature dump & go through this process.

Sit down with your team and do this for every feature of your product. It might feel difficult at first, but if you have the feature you really have to understand why someone will care.

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