What do you do if you're in an industry where you can't leverage Google, Facebook and Instagram with paid advertising? We dig into advertising for these controversial industries like CBD.

A hard stance on paid advertising.

Google, Facebook and, even Shopify, have a hard stance on running paid traffic to anything that mentions hemp, CBD and THC. 


Ad approval can be hard

Even if it is remotely controversial, like promoting an unhealthy body image. If you fall in any of the prohibited industries, you can feel stuck.


Have an offering outside of the restricted content.

They're really strict about the terminology you use. Create a standalone funnel that is not linked to those products because FB's AI crawls the pages.


Do the actual selling in email marketing.

If you can get their email address you can continue to chat with them.


If you don't have other products, have your funnel around education.

Have a blog completely separated out – even on a different domain – to grow your customer base and use your email to do the heavy lifting.


Be willing to slow down to speed up, instead of fighting FB.

Instead of spending time trying to get your ads reapproved, spend your time building this other funnel.


Change your domain enough to pass a human review.

AI might crawl through and pass you for having no inappropriate language on your new domain, but if a human looked, would it pass?

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