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Navigating the customer journey is totally our jam! Not only do we lead you to the purchasing process, but we lead you through it.

Conversion Rates

Start with your sales or opt-in page, and look at how many people are purchasing. This is important because you could have an amazing ad strategy but a low conversion rate could have it fall flat.

Know your numbers and what is significant so that you don't get discouraged.


Tighten The Process

The buying process is not about you, but you need to know what you can do to speed up the purchasing journey.


Provide Relative Content

You want to have engagement and conversion content in your email marketing. If you want people to engage with you, you want to keep nurturing them and keep reaching out to them.


Minimum 45-Day Follow-Up

You really don't want to ever stop. You need to just keep adding content to it.


5 Levels of Awareness

In advertising, there are 5 levels of awareness. There are unaware, problem aware, solution aware, your product aware, the last one is that they know all about you but they aren't ready yet. They need the offer.

You speak to each of the levels differently.


Get a CRM with Lead Scoring

This will help you see how people are engaging with your content. When they hit a certain threshold, you want to treat them differently than the rest of your list or the people you're advertising to.


Get a Fresh Set of Eyes

Get someone to do an audit of your customer journey. Have them go through every single URL to make sure that the step-by-step process makes sense.



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