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This is the formula for getting people to want to give you their credit card. Until you get this right, you can have all the passion and love your people, but it won't work. Your offer is everything!


Don't Make This Mistake

A lot of times people will go directly into paid traffic and bombard their audience with an offer. Dialing in your killer offer is the END goal. You have to back out of it with some killer content so that they're ready to buy. Listen to Season 2 Episode 2 for help on this! 


What is in your killer offer?

What are they getting from you? You need to solve their problem. Before you figure out the process, you need to know that the killer offer will solve their problem.


Give Massive Social Proof

People are so much more likely to rely on a review or testimonial than you tooting your own horn. Your conversion rates are increased drastically.


Create an Extreme Value

For example, if you have a course, each module has to tackle a pain point. Give a dollar value for everything they're getting. If you have a product worth $10k and they're only paying $2k, that's killer.


Have Big Bonuses

What is complementary to your business? With Dawn's program, they provide the support in the offer and then the bonus section provides templates on advertising and training in social media marketing.

If you have a way to increase access to you, that can be really powerful.

Side note — don't do discounts to your cart abandonment, do bonuses.


Have Urgency

By sticking to the urgency in the funnel, you are sticking to the integrity of the product itself. This is the funnel and they need to have a timeline for them to fall out of the funnel.


Have a Done-For-You Component

If you can create something templated for them, do it.


Risk Reversal and Guarantees

This is where you let people know that the risk is all on your end. You have to be very careful with this, especially if you are giving them your intellectual property.

You have to give them a way to back out if they need to if they have buyer's remorse.

Last Thoughts

Don't be afraid to have someone look at your offer. You can't read the label from inside the bottle.

Have an FAQ. Use these in ads to target people that have seen your offer but didn't take it.

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