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In our last episode, we shared some stories and insights on why we missed the mark on a few things because we tried to copy other marketers without taking into consideration our unique voice and culture as a business. In this episode, Dawn and Traci continue the conversation and discuss the different ways you can customize your marketing to effectively grow your email marketing list.

A Marketing Realization

In our Inner Circle Masterminds, Isabella, one of our awesome members who owns a retail business that sells physical products with customized embroidery, screen printing, and rhinestone and glitter graphics, among other things. By they way, if you are interested in their cool products, visit their website at www.solidstitchembroidery.com. Going back to the topic, Isabella shared with the group how things were not working for her in spite of following our marketing advice. We tackled the problem head-on and realized that there was a miss because when she was doing her lead magnets, she was doing it like the way you do it for information products, and hers are physical products.

Both of us are not in the retail business, we sell information products. What we realized is that sometimes we are so accustomed to talking about information products and marketing that many of our listeners take our advice and try to create a report or a give-away as a lead magnet when in fact, it should be something like a discount, a coupon, or something else that goes well when marketing a physical product.

In our case at Happy Hour, the ultimate outcome we expect is for someone to join our Inner Circle or becoming a one-on-one consulting client. And so along the way, we give them little bits of valuable information until they reach that point. It will be different for your business, depending on what it is that you are marketing.

Here’s some advice that can help you customize your marketing even more:

Always have a personalized lead magnet. When making a lead magnet, you have to ask yourself: What outcome do you want? How are you going to get them into your list? What will entice your target audience and make them want to buy from you? The whole concept of a lead magnet is to get people interested in your offer so that they’ll give their email address and get on your list. You have to think about your own business and create a lead magnet that works for that kind of business.

Sometimes you have to test things to know what’s the sweet spot for people. Like if you are doing info products or coaching, you can offer a free report, a video series, stuff like that. If you’re doing fitness, you can offer free recipes or a 30-day workout program. If you’re trying to get a physical product sold, go for coupons.. Basically you just have to think of ways to spark the people’s interest. Even if you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you have to think of a way to get people through the door.  

Another awesome tip if you’re selling physical products is to have an Etsy store or Fulfilled by Amazon. It’s easier because they already have built-in traffic. You should probably get traction first on a third-party website because it’s actually very overwhelming to set up a brand new website, especially if you’re new at it.

You also need to think about ecommerce. By the way, learning how to market ecommerce is a little bit different than marketing info products. If you would like for us to have an expert talk about ecommerce on one of our future podcasts, please tweet us at @SMMHappyHour.

It’s okay to listen to the advice of others, but always remember to make it your own and not just copy it. No matter what it is, it should be marketed according to the trends, demands, and more importantly, the uniqueness of your business. You have to figure out how it will work for you!

If you are stuck with your marketing efforts, apply for a complimentary business assessment with Dawn or Traci at http://HappyHourHangouts.com/coaching.

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