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It’s April! The first quarter is over and it’s time to get your checklist and deal with some important stuff like your taxes, spring cleaning, the list goes on and on. It’s also a good time to reevaluate your business and see if it is where it is supposed to be right now, and if not, take steps towards that goal.

This episode is actually part two of the episode we did last week about creating an irresistible offer. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour’s Dawn and Traci go a step further and talk about the things you need to know to make sure that when you’re creating your irresistible offer, you don’t miss the mark. If you’re going to go through all the work to create something that you believe is irresistible, then you want to be sure that you get a bulls-eye on your target!  

So how then can you make sure that you deliver on your irresistible offer? What are the key things you should consider to make sure your customers are happy and satisfied?

To help you gauge your offers, ASK YOURSELF:

  • What is the outcome that people are coming to me for?
  • Am I delivering on that promise in a meaningful way so that people will talk about it and recommend it?

First of all, it is important to remember that you are not trying to sell to everyone. You have a specific group of people you want to serve and you have to focus on them. The more specific you go with your target, the more you are able to hit their pain or pleasure points.

Focus on providing transformation to your audience.

In your irresistible offer, you try your best to let your target audience see how much your product or service can impact them. Once they see other people’s transformation, through testimonials and ratings, they will be inclined to follow.

For example, Traci has been doing therapy called Splankna and she has had a massive breakthrough with it in just a short period of time. Because of her transformation, a lot of people have been asking about it and ultimately joined in too. Why? Because the irresistible offer was delivered!

Let’s give another example that’s on the flip side. When you enroll in a training course because you were wowed by their offer, you set your expectations based on their sales pitch. But when they don’t meet that and you don’t see any transformation, you’ll end up very disappointed and you’re likely to ask for a refund. Some even go as far as bashing the company because of false advertising.

Because the fact is, nobody will take the time to enter their credit card information if they think you can’t solve something or offer something good. If you know in your heart that you can provide a great transformation, it will be easy to both create an irresistible offer, as well as deliver on it.

Be good at both the promotions and the back end of your business.

Most marketers and even non-marketers tend to gravitate towards either the selling of the product or the creation of the product. You’ll always be better at one thing. For Traci and Dawn, their tandem works because Traci is an expert in promotion and Dawn is a back end wiz! But for solopreneurs, many will find it hard to go from creation mode to promotion mode. If you find yourself leaning on one side more than the other, make sure that you put yourself out of your comfort zone. If you do good on the promotion, but you can’t deliver on the back end, it’s not going to work.

Always ask for feedback.

If you have a customer who is not satisfied with the product or service you offered them, ask why. You need feedback so that you’ll know where you went wrong or what you missed.

For example, when you get so many refunds, you’ve got to wonder what happened, right? Yes, you’ll feel bad knowing that you put so much effort into your product or service, but listening to their complaints will help you refine your offer and also your products and/or services. You can also ask your customers to take short surveys. Anything that can help gauge customers on what they want, what makes them happy, or show you what you missed is important to know.

If you’re trying to make an irresistible offer and you’re not sure if it’s enough, or if you’re having problems delivering on your offer, you can apply for a free business diagnostic session and if you’re chosen, we will help you look into it. Just go to http://HappyHourHangouts.com/coaching.

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