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  1. This article is worth a double-read. I learned a lot in a short time and I’ve been on Twitter for four years. I did not set out to use my personal Twitter account to sell anything but rather as a tool for gathering news and opinion and general observation of human habits, likes and dislikes. But my clients definitely want to sell THEIR products/services and I am not Twitter-savvy enough to advise them on all facets of this powerful little tool. Now, at least I have something to refer them to and it’s all laid out in nice, easy lay language.

    • So happy to hear that Claire! We so appreciate that you’d refer our piece to your clients. We love Twitter and it’s been such a great avenue for traffic…love hearing others embrace it as well!



  2. Great article! I have it bookmarked to reread again and again! Can’t wait to check out the workshop as well.

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